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11th May, 2017


Have you ever applied for your PERFECT job, waited with baited breath for the call and…..nothing? We know how frustrating it can be when no-one gets back to you with feedback as to why you’ve not even been shortlisted.


We thought it was about time someone actually explained why this happens, why it’s definitely not personal and offered some insider tips to try and stop this happening so often in the future…


Most job adverts will give specific requirements that you have to meet in order to be shortlisted. These are there because this is what the company wants. So if you don’t have Maths and English GCSE and it is listed as a must have, the job isn’t for you, as much as you’d love to give it a go. What you have done and what you’d like to do are two different things. Be honest with yourself about what skills you hold.

If you find yourself constantly falling short of requirements for the types of job you want, consider how you can change this. A short college course or a temporary/voluntary role in your chosen industry might be easier to achieve and will help any future applications get noticed.


We have lost count of the number of times we reject applications for full time roles because the candidate actually wants part time only. And we’re always receiving applications for temporary roles from people who have a months’ notice. As perfect as you are for the job, if the company are looking for someone to start tomorrow they are not going to wait a month for you to hand your notice in. 

Before you start applying for jobs, list your criteria and what you’re able to commit to. Think about the hours, salary and location. This way, you’re only applying for roles that fit, standing a much better chance of getting that phone call.


Any recruiter will tell you, they will have a mental list of 3 or 4 serial appliers. Candidates who apply for every single job that gets advertised. Candidates who apply for everything and anything, regardless of their suitability. These people often get a reputation amongst recruiters (not usually a good one!). If you only apply for roles you have the experience and skills for, you’ll receive a lot more responses and save a lot of time in the process!


Some simple maths to think about….

A consultant will usually be working on multiple live roles. So if they have 10 live jobs, receiving 150 applications for each one, that’s 1500 individual CVs to read through. And that could just be one day! As much as we would love to reply to every application, there aren’t physically enough hours in the day. Therefore if an application does not fit the criteria (see above!) it will not be shortlisted.


Job hunting can be tough and can really get you down. It’s normal to feel like you’re banging your head against a wall! But it will get better, it’s just key to focus your efforts on roles that you are suitable for on paper, or even re-training to add additional skills to your bow. Keep going and before long you’ll be inundated with calls…!

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