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8th May, 2019

What NOT to write on your CV: our top 5 tips

Writing a CV is hard, there’s no doubt about it. There is so much conflicting information on what to include, what length it should be, font size and so on that it’s no wonder many people get overwhelmed when faced with writing a CV. But is there anything that you shouldn’t write on your CV?

What not to write on your CV

What should you NOT write on your CV?

We think so! Here are our top 5 things NOT to write on your CV…

A waffling, long-winded profile

Your profile should be a short introduction to you, detailing what type of work you are looking for and what you can offer a new employer. Keep your sentences short and to the point. Try and avoid the usual CV clichés such as “I work well on my own as well as part of a team”. Phrases like this are so overused they have come to mean very little.

Minute detail about your education

Unless your education is directly relevant to the job/s you are applying for, including detailed descriptions of your dissertation topic or a long list of every unit you studied at Uni is not going to help with your job search. Keep it concise and only include the course titles and your results. You can often expand on this at interview.

Long lists of your daily activities

When listing your duties under a job on your CV, you want to demonstrate your abilities and achievements rather than simply copying the job description you were given on your first day. So, for example, it is much better to say “I have implemented and developed a filing system that has improved record keeping in the office” than just listing one of your duties as “filing”

playmobil family at park

Keep detailed information about little Susan, Peter and Rover the dog off your CV…

In depth detail about your kids, pets etc

A list of your children’s names, ages and their favourite foods is not going to help you with your job search. Your CV is about YOU and your work experience. Therefore, keep any information about your family and personal life to an absolute minimum, if you include anything at all.

Personal and private information

Keep any personal or private information off your CV too. This could be your religious belief, sexual orientation or political persuasion. Only include if it is directly relevant to your job search.

Bonus: a questionable email address

If you have a less-than-professional sounding email address, consider setting up a more suitable one. or may give off the wrong impression…!

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