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12th September, 2019

The Office Pet: Genuine Benefit or Trendy Distraction?

There are more and more companies embracing the office pet trend. Usually coming in the form of a well-behaved dog with his own profile on the company website, it’s a quirky edition to an office environment. But is an office pet a genuine benefit to staff, or just a trendy distraction?

Mental Health Benefits

It’s well documented that pets can offer excellent benefits to people’s mental health. Simply stroking a cat or dog can be therapeutic. So surely having an office pet on hand for a quick head scratch can only be a positive thing?

The edition of a furry friend to the team can help to relieve stress and create a more casual working environment. And the opportunity to take the dog on his daily walk can encourage people to get out of the office and into the fresh air.


A 5 or 10 minute distraction is a good thing when you’re staring at a screen all day. But you may find that certain members of the team can always be found chilling out next to the office cat or dog when they should be working. 

An office pet only really works if it fits into the general vibe in your business. If you’re a serious place or perhaps have a lot of visitors coming for important meeting, a pet running around might not give off the best impression.

Think of the Whole Team

Believe it or not, not everyone likes animals! You need to be completely sure that everyone is happy with the new team member before you take the plunge. Allergies or phobias should certainly be considered, but also ask people whether they genuinely think it’s a good idea.

Make sure to ask people individually on their own as well. Not a lot of people would confess to hating puppies or kittens in front of a load of judging eyes!

If In Doubt, Get a Plant!

So you’ve thought about it and decided that perhaps the time is not right to introduce an office pet. Or perhaps it’s not right for your business. You could compromise and get a smaller animal – fish have a very calming influence and are low maintenance, for example.

And, if all else fails, take a trip to the garden centre and fill your office with lush greenery. You’ll immediately create a calmer, peaceful atmosphere without losing half your team to walkies!

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