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20th June, 2018

The do’s and don’t’s of job hunting after graduation

If your graduation is hurtling towards you as we speak, we’ll bet you’re thinking “what now?!” Everyone knows a “Fran with a Plan” who’s had their whole life worked out since the age of 12 (“A-Levels, on to Smartypants University for my degree in Medicine and then off to train to become Super Dooper Doctor Extraordinaire. Oh, and a fancy Porshe and 3 kids.”) but what about the rest of us? How to you find a decent job after Uni and pick the right path for YOU?!

While there is definitely no secret master plan, we think there are some great things to do (and to NOT do) when looking for a job after graduation…


Graduates – Do these things…


A great place to start, as every job you want to apply for will ask for one. Make sure your CV is concise, simple and includes all of your experience. Unless you’re applying for degree-specific roles, keep the lists of course subjects to a minimum and focus on things like extra-curricular activities, part time/casual jobs and any additional skills you can bring to the table.


Ask around. Even in the era of technology we now live in, word of mouth is still king (and queen). Speak to friends, family, even people you meet in the pub and you never know what opportunities might arise.


You might have no idea what you want to do for a career. I’ll let you into a little secret – most of the rest of the adult population don’t either! A lot of people fall into their chosen career path completely by accident. Work out what you’re good at (and not so good at) and perhaps take on some temporary work or casual jobs. It’ll look good on your CV, keep the pennies flowing and give you a chance to try out different industries before committing.

Graduates – Don’t do these things…


Getting a degree is tough and it’ll definitely help you progress in the world of work. However, it doesn’t mean that you can start asking for top salaries right off the bat. A degree is only one string to your bow and, without relevant workplace experience you’ll potentially have to start at the bottom.


Progression takes time. Don’t expect to be fired up the career ladder quicker than Usain Bolt, as you’ll probably need to wait for suitable opportunities to come along. Companies often want you to prove your worth to them before putting you in a position of more responsibility – they’ll want to be confident you aren’t looking to leave right away! Be patient and the rewards could be well worth the wait!


When I graduated with a degree in English Language I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to do. I fell into a customer service role and progressed through the company into a senior marketing position. And now I work in recruitment. Go figure! I’m still not totally sure what my “calling” is but my career path has taught me that I like people, I like words and I’m pretty organised. If you approach each opportunity with an open mind and learn a bit about yourself along the way, you can’t fail!


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