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14th January, 2019

The Cost of Your Commute

Here at COS we specialise in local recruitment. Many of our candidates cite their number one reason for changing jobs as finding something more local. But how much difference does it really make?

We decided to have a look at the actual cost of the commute in Cheshire and work out if it really was worth changing roles for something closer to home…

Image of a miniature steam train going past a lake with a small boat.

Don’t you wish your train journey was as idealistic and calm as this?!

If you live in MACCLESFIELD and you work in…

Manchester City Centre

A 20-25 mile journey to City Centre takes 20 to 30 mins on the train. However, you’ll be paying £2,628 a year (all routes) and spending over 250 hours sitting on a train per year. And that’s assuming you don’t need to get another train, tram or bus to your workplace from Piccadilly – a season pass that includes the Metro would cost £2,916 a year.

Driving to work is likely to set you back in excess of £3,800 a year. That’s just your petrol and parking, and so you’d have your usual car running costs on top.


For an annual pass on any train from Macc to Stockport, you’d be looking at £1,836 per year. With the journey taking 22 minutes each way, that’s 185 hours spent fighting for a seat.

Again, driving ramps the cost up again – roughly £1,128 on petrol plus parking costs around £2,000, as well as your usual running costs. Plus you’ll have to tackle the dreaded A6 everyday!

If you live in KNUTSFORD and you work in…


A tricky one on the train, as you would need to go via Stockport. However, we know people who do this on a daily basis! It would take you around an hour and 15 mins each way and would cost a staggering £2,676 a year!

Driving would appear cheaper on the surface, around £1,343 a year on petrol. There are a number of free car parks in good locations but spaces are at a premium, so you could be paying upwards of £3 a day – that’s around £750 per year. Add your car insurance, tax and MOT on top and you won’t be saving much money at all!

Manchester City Centre

A more straight forward journey than travelling to Warrington. A direct train takes 45 minutes one way but you’ll still be looking at £1,824 per year. If you want to add the Metro that’s another £400.

Your petrol alone would cost the same as an annual train pass. Add on parking and running costs and you’d easily see over £2,500 disappear on your travel.

If you live in CONGLETON and you work in…

3 miniature people gather round a white car

Driving to work – the costs soon start to add up

Stoke on Trent

Only £1,128 a year and you can use any train – this one doesn’t sound too horrendous! However, the direct train (around 15 min each way) only goes roughly once an hour. If you start work at 9am and work more than 20 mins from the station, your only choice would be to either arrive at 7.30am and be really early or at 8.40am and face a manic dash to arrive in time!

And if you miss the direct train, you’ll be doubling your journey time and going via Macclesfield!

Driving would take you over 30 mins each way and cost around £1,400 in petrol alone per year


You’ll be going via Kidsgrove and paying roughly £1,500 per year on the train. The bus will cost you a little less, around £1,200, but would take you twice as long.

The 25 mile round trip in the car would cost upwards of £1,180 in petrol alone and the journey would take over an hour a day, assuming there was no traffic!

Living and working in the same place…

If you’re able to walk to work, you’ll be spending nothing other than the cost of a new pair of boots every year!

Driving just a mile or 2 a day would bring your petrol costs to between £100 and £150 a year. Parking is often still a factor of course, as well as your car running costs. However, you’ll potentially be saving between £1000 and £2000 per year, as well as hours of your life!

And if you catch a local bus, a weekly bus ticket costs around £10 to £20 a week. That could cost you around £1,000 a year, which is a much more palatable figure compared with some of the train costs.

Work local!

Based on our figures above, a 30 minute commute would cost an average of £2,500, however you travel. Crucially, this would mean securing a job that covers these costs, as well as the usual bills and living costs.

2 Lego Stormtroopers ride bikes, one red and one green, in front of a blank background

Cycle to work and save yourself time, money and stress!

If you’re in a position where your role (and salary) will grow over time as you train, it might be that you choose to take the hit now for the long term benefits. However, not every industry or position offers this. With wages roughly the same between the city and country in Cheshire, you might be better off starting your search closer to home. And that’s without considering the hours you’ll gain back!

Take a look at some of our local roles in towns such as Macclesfield, Congleton, Knutsford and see whether there could be something closer to home waiting for you…!

**How we did the figures: All figures are calculated based on petrol costs of £1.20 per litre. Parking costs are calculated on the most common figures we found when looking at a variety of private and public car parks. Train season ticket prices are based on the full adult cost with no discounts applied and are correct as of January 2019. Travelling times are based on there being no holdups, traffic jams, train strikes or leaves on the line!**

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