Temporary Work

Temporary work can be a great option, whether you’re a candidate or a company. But how do you get started, what do you need to register and how does it all work?

Registering for Temporary Work

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Registering for temporary work – get those documents at the ready!

Simply email us at macclesfield@cosrecruitment.co.uk with your CV (ideally in Word or PDF format) to start the process. Alternatively you can submit your CV and details through our simple form. We’ll invite you in for a registration appointment with one of the team, assuming we feel we can help you with your requirements.  For information on how we process your data please see our Privacy Policy

You will need to be able to provide the following documents/details to register:

  • Valid Passport, national ID card or full, long birth certificate.
  • Any relevant visas.
  • 2x proof of address (i.e. utility bill, driving licence, bank statement, P45/P60 etc).
  • Contact details of 2 references (ideally most recent employment).

Give us a call on 01625 511502 if you think you may struggle providing any of this. We can often offer advise on locating alternative documents where required!

Once you start working for us in a temporary position you will need to register with our payroll provider. Your consultant will talk you through this when you register.

Temp Work

You receive paid annual holidays as a temporary worker. These holidays can be taken as an increased hourly pay rate or saved and paid to you when you take time off.  COS use the services of an outsourced payroll provider who act as your employer during the period of your assignments. You will be paid through the PAYE scheme on a weekly basis, with automatic opt-in for pension regulations.

All temporary staff have workers employment rights from day 1. After 12 weeks in a job you qualify for the same rights as someone who was employed directly. For more information on your rights, visit the ACAS website.

Click the link on the right to download our temp timesheet.  A separate timesheet should be completed for each week and signed by your supervisor.  Your wages will be paid into your bank/building society account by the Friday following the week worked, provided your timesheet has arrived on time.

What if I’m not invited to register?

Lego man looking scared, sat at a desk on his own. To show that you are not always selected for temporary work.
What if I’m not invited to register for temporary work?

We believe in honesty at COS. If, after reviewing your CV, we feel that you would be unsuitable for the roles that we recruit for, we will tell you. We believe that searching for jobs is tough enough without being given false promises. Therefore we will explain why we may not be able to assist with your search, as well as offering alternatives in the local area.

If we are not able to assist with your search, the usual reasons are:

  • Lack of relevant experience: Most clients ask for people with relevant experience of a similar environment. This minimises risk and means the temp can hit the ground running.
  • Location/Transport: If you live in a very rural location with no transport for example, we know we will struggle to offer you anything suitable.
  • Availability: Temporary staff need to be flexible, so we’re often forced to turn down great candidates because they are only looking for very specific hours/days.


For an honest chat about your search for work, whatever you are looking for, call us on 01625 511502.

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