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16th June, 2020

Post Lockdown Mental Health in the Workplace by Harry Galley

Two and a half months of being furloughed, and what did I do with all of that time? I made a plan that I’d exercise every day, start writing, and focus on self-development. Two and a half months later and I achieved none of it. None. Who else has sat...

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11th March, 2020

Only hiring experienced staff – is there an alternative? by Harry Galley

I don’t recruit CV’s. I recruit people. It begs the question; ‘why do companies hire based on experience and not personality, aptitude and attitude?’ Like most things in recruitment, it’s subjective. It depends on the situation. Although it would be wrong to tar all companies with the same brush there’s...

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28th February, 2020

Thinking about changing your Career? by Harry Galley

  Working in recruitment I’ve found over the last 6 months there’s an overwhelming trend. No matter the sector or the industry there are candidates who have simply chosen the wrong path and want to get out. I’m hoping that if you’re reading this and feel like it applies to...

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20th January, 2020

COS Goes Technical!

  As we start a new year, I am pleased to announce that I have gone back to my roots in Technology and back into Recruitment. Just before Christmas I re-joined COS Recruitment, 17 years after moving on. Over the past 15 years I have developed a wealth of experience...

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13th November, 2019

Christmas parties: A survival guide

The Christmas Party is the cornerstone of any workplace. It’s the one night of the year where you can let your hair down with your workmates and celebrate how hard you’ve all worked for the past 12 months. But we all know that the Christmas party can be a breeding...

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29th October, 2019

Smoking breaks at work: where do you stand?

It is generally well known that workers in the UK are entitled to some breaks during the working day. But what about smoking breaks? Is it fair that a smoker can nip outside whenever they want and a non-smoker can’t? Breaks at work: the law Firstly, let’s look at the...

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