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27th August, 2019

Millennials in the Workplace

There has been a LOT said about Millennials over the past few years. Every generation gets some stick from the one before it regarding work ethic, dress sense and music tastes. It could be because information is now so readily available, but it feels like Millennials have had it worse than anyone before them.

With Millennials now in the workplace and starting to climb the career ladder, it’s time to take a real look at what makes them tick. What can a 25-35 year old bring to your business and what are the potential pitfalls that you need to look out for?

Sharing is caring

As a generation who has grown up with social media, Millennials will share content online as second nature. They are used to living through the virtual world, commenting on a huge variety of topics and generating their own opinions and information. 

This translates really well into the workplace. Your young workforce will view collaboration and idea-sharing as the norm and won’t have to be forced to work as a team. Silo working should be a thing of the past!

Reputation is everything

Millennials are said to be the most engaged generation yet. This applies to the workplace too. They’ll be looking for an employer that has good social and eco-values as well as a positive reputation amongst peers. The size and profits of a company are much less important.

Of course, a bad reputation will be picked up much easier than ever before. But this isn’t a bad thing. Employees are able to hold businesses to account and help to create forward-thinking and progressive companies. Take a look at your reputation, both locally and online. What image are you projecting? Are you attracting Millennials or putting them off?

Technologically Gifted

The vast majority of people under 35 have been using computers in some form or another since school. Nowadays being able to use Microsoft Office, Sage and a couple of databases seems to be the standard. Therefore you should expect your new Millennial employee to be able to grasp most of your basic computer-based tasks.

There is a counter argument to this of course. Many Millennials are now reporting a negative feeling towards staring at a screen all day. Therefore try to mix up jobs to make sure there is some screen-break time factored in.

Pessimism is High

Millennials, by their own admission, are generally less trusting and more pessimistic than previous generations. With a higher level of social and political awareness comes a lower level of trust, which has the potential to cause issues in the workplace. An openness in the office is crucial, working to gain the trust of your young employees.Millenials

This trait can also be a good thing, however. Rather than just accepting the way things are, Millennials will question the process and not be afraid to offer their own input. Bring them along for the ride and you’ll gain a loyal, trusting employee – it may just take a little longer!

A lot of our information came from the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019, which you can view in full here.

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