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9th June, 2017


Looking for top tips on everything you’ve ever needed to know about jobs and careers? Well look no further, our new “FIVE FOR FRIDAY” series is everything you’ll ever need! Every Friday we’ll be posting our 5 key tips and trade secrets to help you throughout your working life – from finding your dream job and nailing the interview process to dealing with tricky situations and awful bosses, COS have got you covered!


This week, 5 top tips for writing a winning CV:

1.First Person

Write your CV in the first person (“I am an experienced administrator…”) rather than the third person (“Bob is an experienced administrator…”). It’s your story, written by you and therefore writing in the first person comes across as much more genuine.

2.Most recent role first:

Your most recent roles are going to be the most relevant to any new employer, so make them easy to find at the top of your CV, right after your profile

3.Explain gaps:

Any gaps in your CV need to be explained. Phrases such as “career break to raise children” or “time out due to illness/family bereavement” can be really useful, and can be further explained at application/interview stage

4.Easy to read:

Black and white is best, and makes a CV easy to read for anyone. Steer clear of fancy fonts, pictures, borders and multi-coloured text

5.Work first, education second:

Unless you’ve just left education or you have specific qualifications directly relevant to the role you’re applying for, put your education further down your CV, after your work history.

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