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8th August, 2018


According to some recent research by jobs board Adzuna, fewer candidates than ever are competing for vacant roles. For example, for each vacant position advertised in July, there were an average of 0.38 applications – meaning that some jobs didn’t even get a single application!

Great news for candidates looking to make a change, as the competition has definitely eased. However, this definitely doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the job – sometimes hiring no-one is better than hiring just anyone – so how to you still ensure you get the job you want?


Recruiters and businesses will be looking everywhere for candidates. Social Media, job boards, the lunchtime queue at the local butty shop – everywhere is fair game when candidates are scarce. Make sure that everywhere you have a presence online is up to date (and appropriate!), and make it clear that you are actively looking.

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With the candidate market providing slim pickings, employers will have to broaden their scope when hiring. This means that specific skills become much more crucial. Recruiters will look to put forward candidates that might have been doing something different, but have some great transferable skills. So if you’re thinking about a career change or perhaps have been out of the job market for a while, it’s the perfect time to get yourself out there!


I feel like I write this in articles on a daily basis! But, once more with feeling…UPDATE YOUR CV FOR THE JOB YOU WANT NOW! Phew! 

Does your CV contain all of your jobs, with dates and details on your duties and skills? Does your CV contain details about the job you’re looking to do now? Have you listed your key skills and all your relevant qualifications? 

This is so crucial to you getting that initial phone call. So, if you’ve been a teacher for 10 years but want to move into Admin, make sure it’s crystal clear on your CV!


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