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14th May, 2018

Exit interviews (or how to exit with style!)

The exit interview (cue sinister music). The last hurrah before you leave, your chance to let loose about all those things that have been niggling you for years, right? Perhaps. But, just like any other interview, the exit interview is something to be prepared for, in order to get the most out of it


Don’t look back in anger

As much as leaving a job can be an emotional time, going into your exit interview full of anger and emotion can create some potential problems. At best, it’ll leave a lasting impression of you being bitter and unprofessional. At worst? It could affect any future reference you need. It could even come back to bite you further down the line when you apply for a new job where the person interviewing you is the same person you ranted to years earlier. Believe me, it’s a small world!

Be factual

If you plan to go into your exit interview and reveal how everyone thinks your soon-to-be ex-boss is a bully, make sure you can back it up with evidence. Not only will you avoid being seen as the bitter soon-to-be ex-employee, you might spur HR into doing something about it for the sack of your soon-to-be ex-colleagues.

Live in the real world

Officially, whatever you say in your exit interview shouldn’t have any baring on your reference. But unofficially, people talk and even HR professionals can be, well, unprofessional. Don’t be under any illusions that your parting words are likely to have a big, Hollywood-esque impact. Think about what impact you’re looking for and whether anything can come back to haunt you.

All in all, your exit interview is but a footnote in your career. Any issues you have in the workplace should be rasied long before you get to your exit so, once you get there, hold your head high and exit stage right on to bigger and better things.

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