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14th May, 2018

Exit interviews (or how to exit with style!)

The exit interview (cue sinister music). The last hurrah before you leave, your chance to let loose about all those things that have been niggling you for years, right? Perhaps. But, just like any other interview, the exit interview is something to be prepared for, in order to get the...

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19th April, 2018

Recruitment Trends 2018

Is it a good time to be looking for a job? Or is it best to stay put? We take a look at the latest recruitment trends in the UK, focusing in on the North West and looking at recruitment for the Office Support and Industrial sectors. General UK Trends...

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2nd March, 2018

Overqualified: what does it mean?

THE PROBLEM You’ve got a jam-packed CV, full of great qualifications and impressive experience in your chosen field. But you’ve decided you want to take a step back – less stress, less pressure, more time to enjoy life. But why are you finding it so hard to secure a new...

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31st January, 2018


Doesn’t Christmas seem like forever ago?! January is drawing to a close and the year is well and truly in full flow. But what will 2018 bring in the world of recruitment and talent selection? With an ever-changing political climate, economic uncertainty, increasing minimum wages and skills shortages on the...

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29th December, 2017


If you’re one of the 4.49m people in the UK who work in hospitality, would it be fair to say you’ve had enough of the Christmas period by now?! We bet you’re sick of people talking about “well-earned time off” while you’re putting in your 8th straight AFD shift in...

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1st December, 2017


Whether you’re a Christmas-aholic and have been humming “Jingle Bells” since Halloween or you’re a full-on Scrooge McDuck, there’s no avoiding that the Christmas season is in full flow. But have you ever considered that the Christmas period is a great time to get your things in order for a...

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