Second Interview

It’s a myth that 2nd interviews are just a ‘rubber stamp’. They are always more important than 1st interviews and are often held with more senior staff – the people who may ultimately be responsible for making the decision about who to hire.

Second Interview

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Review your previous preparation and planning notes. 


Write down any questions you didn’t manage to ask at 1st interview, along with any others you want to have answered.


Review the feedback from your 1st interview – were there any areas of concern where you could provide reassurance?


Ask your Consultant, or try to find out, who will be conducting the 2nd interview, their position, area of responsibility, type of questions they will ask.


Are there any tests or assessments or anything else you need to prepare for.


Do you have to give a presentation? What’s the subject matter?  How long is it expected to be?  In what format? Will the necessary equipment be available?


How many people are being considered at 2nd interview stage and how do you compare with them?


When can you expect to hear if you’ve been successful?

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