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Notice Period

You will usually have a notice period to work but it’s worth considering whether you could shorten this, perhaps take part of it in lieu of any un-used holidays owed to you.  Our Clients will often have gone through a lengthy recruitment process and will generally want a new employee in place as quickly as possible.  Length of notice can affect their decision in circumstances where they are considering two candidates of equal merit.

Your Consultant

Your Consultant is in the best position to negotiate the terms of the offer on your behalf with our Client.  We will have already discussed salary requirements with you at the start of the process and it can be tempting to reduce your expectations and ask for a lower figure when you’ve just been for an interview for a dream job – only to wake up the next morning wishing you’d stuck to your guns!

Don’t Delay

When an offer is made, it’s reasonable for our Clients to expect a fairly immediate response.  You’ll generally have had several days or longer to consider the position, have been for at least one interview and had enough time to discuss it with family/loved ones and decide if it’s right for you.  Undue delay may suggest a lack of interest and could even result in the offer being withdrawn and given to another candidate!

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