First Interview Preperation

The more prepared you are, the more confident and at ease you will feel on the day, which will help you shine and make you stand out from other candidates.

1st Interview Preperation

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  • Check their website and on-line presence; LinkedIn, Twitter.  Not just for what they do, but look at who their competitors are and where they stand in the market place.  Check industry blogs to find out about any new products or services in their industry and any plans they’ve shared for expansion, new markets, etc.
  • Be aware that they may also check your social media profile (Facebook as well as LinkedIn), so make sure it looks OK and delete anything you wouldn’t want them to see!


  • The Job Description – How does this role contribute to the business? What skills/experience do they need? What are the day-to-day duties and expectations? What are the responsibilities and accountabilities?
  • Your CV – How well does it match the requirements of the role? Can you expand on or enhance any areas to show that you’re a better match/more able to do the job? Which areas are you weak – how can you overcome these? Where are you strong?
  • Be prepared to expand on anything you’ve written in your CV – make sure you know it back to front!
  • Prepare at least 6 questions to ask at Interview – why 6? – because several may be answered during the interview and it’s important to have at least 2-3 left to ask as this shows preparation and interest.  Questions should be about the role, duties, progression opportunities, training, or the business and NOT about money, holidays, etc.

The Interview Process

  • Ask your Consultant, or try to find out, who will be conducting the interview (and how many interviewers). What are their areas of responsibility and what will they be looking for? (e.g. a finance director is obviously going to be more interested in budgets, figures, costs, etc, whereas a marketing director will want to know more about creativity, campaigns, ROI) – this will give a hint of the type of questions that may be asked.  Check their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Will it be competency based?  Are there any assessments or tests?
  • How long is it likely to take (you need to know so that you can allow for sufficient time and also for the car park ticket!).
  • What is the recruitment process, i.e. do they carry out 2nd or 3rd interviews?  How soon do they need someone to start in the role?  When will you receive feedback/notification of any further interviews? 


  • Plan your route and find out how long it will take to get there – IN TRAFFIC!
  • Find out where the nearest car park is located and have sufficient change (not all machines take credit cards).
  • Plan what you will wear.  It can’t be overstated that first impressions really do count!  Always dress on the formal/conservative side – a suit is rarely out of place in most office environments and make sure everything is clean/pressed, shoes polished. 

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